Past conferences

Arrowmedia Israel is a dynamic content company, specializing in the management and production of international conferences and exhibitions of various sizes for the defense and high-tech industries in Israel and abroad. 

We invite you to visit the following links and to be impressed by previous conference achievements of Israel Defense and Arrowmedia Israel:


The Energy, Defense & Strategy conference 2014
Conference chairman: Prof. Uzi Arad


The conference focused on several key topics:
>> Israel's Energy Security Challenges
>> Onshore & Offshore Critical Energy Infrastructures: Threats including Cyber, Terrorism & Solutions
>> Formulating National Energy Policy
>> Megatrends, Wildcards & Game Changers in Global Energy Security


To view the conference program click here.


Energy conference 2015 - Prospects, Technologies, Security
Conference chairman: Prof. Uzi Arad


Energy 2015 had the honor to take place during "Israel Energy Week", an initation of the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Economy, joining a series of international events with thousands of participants from both Israel and abroad. "Israel Energy Week" included the Fuel Choices Summit hosted by Israel's Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu.
The conference and exhibition were a production of Israel Defense, together with The Ministry of Energy, The City of Hadera- The Energy City of Israel, IDC Herzliya, The Israeli Institute for Economic Planning, The Israel Institute of Energy & Environment, the University of Calgary, Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, and the Hudson Institute.


The conference was comprised of three distinct tracks:
>> Forum on energy, national security and global strategy
>> Forum on energy technology
>> Forum on energy market forecasts


To view the conference program click here.


Hadera Energytech 2016 

The conference was organized in partnership with the "8th National Energy Meeting" of the Israeli Institute for Energy and Environment.


Among the main conference themes:
>> Is the big energy revolution already here?
>> What are the opportunities in this developing field?
>> What are the regional and strategic implications? 


To view the conference program click here.